This visualisation shows a network representation of the top co-authoring collaborations for Danish research organisation organisations (showing by default the top 1000 collaborations). Each node in the network represents one organisation. Each connection between two nodes represents one or more co-authoring instances between those organisations. The size of the node represents the number of publications with co-authors outside that organisation. The "thickness" of the connection represents the number of co-authorship collaborations between the two organisations. Organisations that are closer to each other in the graph tend to have more collaborations with each other than groups of organisations that are further apart.

On the right-hand side, you can select one of the buttons to focus on one university or to see the network of collaborations between the 8 Danish universities. Please note that when selecting one university the node representing that university is not shown in the network. Instead, what you see is the network of collaborations for that university showing the top co-authorship organisations and how they connect to each other. If we showed the target organisation in the centre, everything would be connected to that organisation and it would be hard to make sense of the groups of collaborations around it.

This network visualisation was produced using VOSviewer online.