Data from: Harmonised projections of future forest resources in Europe



DOI:10.5061/dryad.4t880qh/1, Dimensions: 11399184,



  1. (1) University of Copenhagen, grid.5254.6, KU
  2. (2) Aleksandras Stulginskis University, grid.198123.0
  3. (3) Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, grid.454322.6
  4. (4) University of Belgrade, grid.7149.b
  5. (5) Forest Research, grid.479676.d


Forest-related policies, reporting obligations and decision analyses require relevant, comprehensive and reliable data. To better serve the new information demands, we present an extensive dataset of forest resources in European countries projected until 2040 based on harmonized definitions, assumptions and methodology. The results were mainly computed using the European Forestry Dynamics Model (EFDM). In the computation, each country prepared the input files required by the EFDM or corresponding projection models using their National Forest Inventory (NFI) data and harmonised definitions and standardised workflow. The initial years, areas analysed and technical details of the initial data and formatting the data for the EFDM analyses vary between countries depending on data availability and forestry practices applied. This dataset presents the projections of the forest growing stock volume, aboveground carbon, and fellings in the area analysed. The accompanying README file includes a further description such as the country-specific parameterisation applied for the EFDM and any possible exceptions to the use of the standard EFDM workflow.

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