Multivariate Cox proportional hazards analysis of genetic polymorphisms in relation to overall survival following breast cancer diagnosis, by ER status*.



DOI:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000054.t004, Dimensions: 603832,




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*Analyses by ER status included data from 12 studies with information on vital status and ER status (CGPS, CNIO-BCS, HABCS, HEBCS, KBCP, kConFab, LUMCBCS, MCCS, PBCS, SASBCS, SBCS, SEARCH).**Per-allele hazard ratios (HR) and observed P values are adjusted for study. Allele changes are (common>rare based on frequencies in European populations): G>A for rs2981582; G>A for rs3803662; T>G for rs889312; A>G for rs13281615 and A>G for rs381798.***Permutation adjusted P values.****Per-allele hazard ratios (HR) and observed P values are adjusted for study, age at diagnosis (continuous), ER status and grade (continuous). Analyses limited to 11 studies with ER and grade information (CGPS, CNIO-BCS, HABCS, HEBCS, KBCP, LUMCBCS, MCCS, PBCS, SASBCS, SBCS, SEARCH).The P values for the interaction between ER status and genotype adjusted for study, grade and age at diagnosis are: 0.60, 0.15, 0.29, 0.45, 0.38 for rs2981582, rs3803662, rs889312, rs13281615, rs381798, respectively.