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Low containment experimental facilities support, enhance and extend the range of viruses studied at the Pirbright Institute. The primary infrastructure associated with these facilities is the BBSRC National Centre for Vaccinology, the Jenner Building, which was opened in 2016. This facility houses a wide range of groups working on strategically important endemic and exotic viral pathogens that can be handled under low containment, including Marek’s disease virus, infectious bronchitis virus and low pathogenicity animal influenzas. In addition, the Jenner building also houses groups that study the genetics and genomics of virus hosts, using state of the art technologies. This capability is nationally unique both because it supports studies of viruses not replicated elsewhere in the UK and because of its position in close proximity to High Containment Experimental Facilities in Pirbright. Our in vivo facilities supporting avian research are housed in a temporary facility. This enables study of internationally important avian viruses within the natural host. During the term of the CCG, new facilities will be constructed on the Pirbright site, enabling expansion of this work. This includes a specified pathogen free (SPF) hatchery and rearing facility due for delivery in early 2018 and refurbishment of current high containment animal facilities to deliver a low containment Poultry Experimental Facility in late 2018.

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Funding period: 2017-2020

Funding amount: EUR 9807701

Grant number: BBS/E/I/00007038

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