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Ischaemic conditioning and targeting reperfusion injury: a 30 year voyage of discovery

Basic Research in Cardiology, Springer Nature, ISSN 1435-1803

Volume 111, 6, 2016

DOI:10.1007/s00395-016-0588-8, Dimensions: pub.1050351408, PMC: PMC5073120, PMID: 27766474,



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To commemorate the auspicious occasion of the 30th anniversary of IPC, leading pioneers in the field of cardioprotection gathered in Barcelona in May 2016 to review and discuss the history of IPC, its evolution to IPost and RIC, myocardial reperfusion injury as a therapeutic target, and future targets and strategies for cardioprotection. This article provides an overview of the major topics discussed at this special meeting and underscores the huge importance and impact, the discovery of IPC has made in the field of cardiovascular research.


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