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DnaSP 6: DNA Sequence Polymorphism Analysis of Large Data Sets.

Molecular Biology and Evolution, Oxford University Press (OUP), ISSN 1537-1719

Volume 34, 12, 2017

DOI:10.1093/molbev/msx248, Dimensions: pub.1091850950, PMID: 29029172,



  1. (1) University of Barcelona, grid.5841.8
  2. (2) Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB, Bellaterra, Spain.
  3. (3) University of Copenhagen, grid.5254.6, KU







We present version 6 of the DNA Sequence Polymorphism (DnaSP) software, a new version of the popular tool for performing exhaustive population genetic analyses on multiple sequence alignments. This major upgrade incorporates novel functionalities to analyze large data sets, such as those generated by high-throughput sequencing technologies. Among other features, DnaSP 6 implements: 1) modules for reading and analyzing data from genomic partitioning methods, such as RADseq or hybrid enrichment approaches, 2) faster methods scalable for high-throughput sequencing data, and 3) summary statistics for the analysis of multi-locus population genetics data. Furthermore, DnaSP 6 includes novel modules to perform single- and multi-locus coalescent simulations under a wide range of demographic scenarios. The DnaSP 6 program, with extensive documentation, is freely available at

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