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Multiethnic meta-analysis identifies new loci for pulmonary function

bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,


DOI:10.1101/196048, Dimensions: pub.1092128915,


Lahousse, Lies (3) (4)
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Duan, Qing (16)
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* Corresponding author



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Abstract Nearly 100 loci have been identified for pulmonary function, almost exclusively in studies of European ancestry populations. We extend previous research by meta-analyzing genome-wide association studies of 1000 Genomes imputed variants in relation to pulmonary function in a multiethnic population of 90,715 individuals of European (N=60,552), African (N=8,429), Asian (N=9,959), and Hispanic/Latino (N=11,775) ethnicities. We identified over 50 novel loci at genome-wide significance in ancestry-specific and/or multiethnic meta-analyses. Recent fine mapping methods incorporating functional annotation, gene expression, and/or differences in linkage disequilibrium between ethnicities identified potential causal variants and genes at known and newly identified loci. Sixteen of the novel genes encode proteins with predicted or established drug targets, including KCNK2 and CDK12.

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