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Apprenticeship Degree: New Symbiotic Approach between the University and Industry

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DOI:10.2139/ssrn.2782336, Dimensions: pub.1102461653,




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For almost a century, universities were the bridge for individuals to enter the technology sector. As such, companies benefited from employees that had been previously screened and possessing advance knowledge. However, the increased level of specialized knowledge required for many industry sectors, and to relief universities from the role of train future employees require rethinking by all stakeholders, including hiring companies, employees, and inevitably, Universities. This paper proposes a solution that we believe, will benefit all. At the heart of this solution is the partition and streaming of science undergraduate students into either Academic- or Professional-focused programs. In the former, students will enjoy a purely academic environment with emphasis on critical reading, writing and creative thinking. For the latter, students will experience an apprentice-like training that will be substantially or partly funded by the relevant industry, in order to educate and train employment-ready graduates; a path that will be sponsored mostly by industries. This will also increase collaboration between academia and industry and potentially reduce costs for all participants in the educational system as by funding of the industries. We bring examples from successful yet limited initiatives.

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