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A universal approach for the synthesis of two-dimensional binary compounds

Nature Communications, Springer Nature, ISSN 2041-1723

Volume 10, 1, 2019

DOI:10.1038/s41467-019-11075-2, Dimensions: pub.1117731535, PMC: PMC6609655, PMID: 31273207,



  1. (1) Technical University of Denmark, grid.5170.3, DTU
  2. (2) Aalto University, grid.5373.2
  3. (3) Aarhus University, grid.7048.b, AU
  4. (4) National University of Singapore, grid.4280.e









Only a few of the vast range of potential two-dimensional materials (2D) have been isolated or synthesised to date. Typically, 2D materials are discovered by mechanically exfoliating naturally occurring bulk crystals to produce atomically thin layers, after which a material-specific vapour synthesis method must be developed to grow interesting candidates in a scalable manner. Here we show a general approach for synthesising thin layers of two-dimensional binary compounds. We apply the method to obtain high quality, epitaxial MoS2 films, and extend the principle to the synthesis of a wide range of other materials-both well-known and never-before isolated-including transition metal sulphides, selenides, tellurides, and nitrides. This approach greatly simplifies the synthesis of currently known materials, and provides a general framework for synthesising both predicted and unexpected new 2D compounds.


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